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Powerful Task Management

Assign tasks to roles and roles to people

Automatically build a live operations manual

Track completion rates across users, roles and business units

Convert tasks lists into templates for easy expansion

Gamification to encourage performance

Better Management of Roles

A centralised repository of tasks broken down to roles and business units. Easy setup and implementation with logical structure aligned with the organisation. Templated tasks lists for rapid deployment. Simplified overview to see tasks completion at a glance. 

Will this help?
A simple platform that gives you an overarching centralised management tool to track performance, document processes, record logs and KPIs.

A simple-to-understand interface that allows easy access to all your user's performance scores and overall scheduled daily, weekly and monthly tasks and respective completion rates. An at-a-glance dashboard that gives you an overview of how your team is performing.

Features & Benefits
Setup templated to-do lists
Assign templated to-do list to roles in your business
Schedule activities to drive your business
Catch poor performance with simple review process
Group tasks under roles for easy assignment
Keep detailed log of activities for easy review
Automatically builds job descriptions for organisation positions
Simple overview and score board keeps you up-to-date

Business Management
Business structure documentation with easily reviewed processes and reporting functions available to authorised users.
Staff Management
Allows for fast on-boarding of new employees by providing a detailed report of expected responsibilities from the assigned roles. Simple interface allows assigning or transfer roles and associated tasks to and between users.
Performance Tracking
Keep an eye on your business and its performance. Track user activity in different areas and log KPIs and interactions for all your staff.
Consultant Interface
Multi profile management interface lets consultants keep an overview on clients and help them achieve their goals.
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What our customers think
Admittedly learning new programs and software is always challenging... I received fantastic training to help me learn the ropes and speed up the learning curve so that I could run my business more efficiently and most importantly have it set up to scale easily in the future. Using RTMS has definitely opened my eyes to how important documenting procedures is in saving time in the future. Thank you!

Chantelle King
Chantelle King Design
I have made use of the RTMS system for over a month now and find it to be straight forward and easy to use. Once you understand the logic behind it and how you can utilize it in your business it makes life so much easier. This system takes the thinking out of repetitive tasks, making it easier to delegate, which saves you heaps of time. The staff is super friendly and they really listen to you and is always willing to help.

Marthie Talu
The Communication Bar
RTMS is a game changer to all business owners who want to actually be owners NOT operators. It gives them all the capabilities to manage their staff and themselves without the micro management factor. It keeps everyone accountable and can evolve with the fast changes and demands the world of business encounter today. RTMS is the heart beat for every business and is essential to have to make it thrive! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Amber Prosia
“The biggest benefit I've seen is the organisation for the whole business and just having everything listed out, easy to follow. There is structural organisation and everyone is able to follow it, step by step. We've got all these tasks in different parts; some in Word, some in Dropbox, some in Asana; but with RTMS, it's just one single location. Standard Operating Procedures are in one place too.”

Elizabeth Campbell
EC Writing Services

Pricing Plans
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RTMS Training
Online and in-house training packages for you and your team
We offer full training packages with ongoing support either online, email, chat or phone. All our training is after an initial workflow audit of your current processes to customise the delivery to give you the best outcomes.
ONLINE: Join in on our weekly video training series delivered to your email inbox each week.
1-ON-1: Get personal with live online training from one of our expert consultants. 
GROUPS: Large team training for your organisation in a classroom setting.
Get up to speed fast either in the comfort of your chair or in person with our skilled trainers.
About RTMS
RTMS started out as a spreadsheet to manage roles within a rapidly expanding business. Over a number of years, it was turned into an application to manage the diverse range of companies that needed to document and organise processes and the respective tasks to be undertaken by staff locally and remotely. Today, its a cloud-based platform with numerous industries using it to coordinate daily activities for faculty and remote workers.
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